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Ruby, Belle, and Mary Margaret were having a sleepover and watching television. Then suddenly, something very unusual happened during the commercial break. A picture of a large ugly building came onto the screen. "Come on down to Edison Mall Over 350 stores including Guess, Sears, Macy's, Yankee Candle, and Dilliards!"

Ruby's mouth hung open in amazement and she saw that Mary Margaret was drooling at the thought of going to such a magical place.

"Ruby... I thought that there wasn't any magic in this world." Mary Margaret breathed, nearly in tears at the thought of somewhere that seemed full of magic.

"Do you think that there any book stores?" Belle asked.

"I think I saw a sign which read 'Books-A-Million." Ruby said.

Belle shot off the sofa. "Oh my gosh! It's been so long since I have actually been in a real book store!" she screamed.

Mary margaret ran upstairs to inform her husband about the wonderful place she and her friends had seen advertised on the television.

"David, wake up!" Mary screamed shrilly as she hopped on the bed. She grabbed a pillow and hit him."Huh?" he groaned groggily. His eyes opened and he laid in bed, dumbfounded.


"What?" he asked, bleary eyed.


David groaned. "Go look it up on the internet and see what time it opens." he fell back asleep. The four girls gathered around the computer screen. Mary margaret found out that the mall opens at 10 a.m.

"David! It opens at 10 a.m.!"

"Okay." David groaned.

The three girls all jumped for joy. Then Mary Margaret realized that they could not cross the town line.

"Um, guys. I realized something." she mumbled.

"Yes?" Ruby asked.

"We can't cross the town line without a talisman from Mr. Gold!"

The next day, Belle,Ruby, Snow White, and David walked to Mr. Gold's pawn shop. Much to their distress, Regina was standing at the counter.

"I'm telling you, Gold, I want that potion that you use to make people keep their memories so that I can cross the town line and go to the Edison Mall! I have been wearing the same boring black suits, white shirts, and haircut for 28 years, and I am tired of them!Plus, I saw an advertisement for a store called COACH which sells very beautiful purses!" Regina snapped as she folded her arms in frustration.

"But, we want to go to the mall too!" Mary margaret said.

"Fine!" Mr. Gold growled.

"you know... I think that all the men of Storybrooke probably would be bored to death at this place. It may be very dangerous for us."

Suddenly Neil and Emma walked out into the shop."Look, there is absolutely nothing dangerous about a shopping mall other than either getting very bored or spending too much money."

"Those both sound dangerous!" Mr. Gold wailed.

Belle put on a sad puppy dog face. "You could buy something for me Rumple!" she said.

Mr. Gold sighed, "Alright, I will take ALL of you to the mall. Just give me about an hour to do something."

"Can I invite Dr. Whale to go with us? I am going to need some company in case I get bored!" David asked.

"Go right ahead. In fact, everyone invite at least one other person to go with you! I don't want to have to make fifty trips to this place today! You have one hour to do this. In the meantime, I have something that I have to do!" Mr. Gold said.

He walked out of the shop. Regina tapped her foot and looked at the ceiling. "He'd better make it quick." she mumbled. "Just think of it Regina! 500 stores just waiting to be explored by us!" Mary Margaret said.

"Oh yes! And I can finally buy some floral prints, paisley shirts and skirts for once!" Regina said with a smile.

"Have a great time! I don't really care for shopping at malls." Emma mumbled. David and Ruby walked out of the shop.

Rumplestiltskin breathed a heavy sigh. He could not believe he was going to do what he was about to do, but he was desperate. He walked down to the harbor.

Captain Hook was busy cleaning his ship, the Jolly Rodger. He walked up to the ship. "Hello there Killian." he yelled. Captain hook looked up from his work and asked, "What to you want?"

"I-I need to ask a favor of you. No tricks." Rumplestiltskin said.

Killian lifted one eyebrow and asked, "You...ask me a favor?"

"Yes. See, when the curse broke, a television commercial from the outside world came into Storybrooke. It's an advertisement for a strange fairyland called Edison Mall, and all of the women including Regina were bewitched by it. They all want to go, and I have to take them. Since we know absolutely nothing about the place, I want you to go with me so that in case we are all in danger of dying of boredom...I can have one last battle with you. "

A swarthy smile stretched across his face. "Deal." He said.

David walked into the hospital. He walked into Dr. Whale's office. "Hey Victor. I need to talk with you." he said.

"Okay?" Dr. Whale asked.

"Are you busy today? I mean, the ladies of Storybrooke are begging the men to take them to a place called a shopping mall, and, well, I need company."

"Are there women there?"

"Yes! There will most likely be lots of women there! I think that this is supposed to be a magical land for women."

"I'm in!" he said.

The two walked out of the shop. Gepetto and Pinnochio were busy trying to repair the sign to the clock shop. David and Victor stopped in front of the shop. "Gepetto can I ask you a question?" David asked

"Yes!"Gepetto yelled.

"Do you want to go with us to a shopping mall that the girls have seen advertised on television?"

"Do you mean Edison mall? The one who is advertising the world's largest toy store?!" Pinnochio piped.

"The women of Storybrooke saw an advertisement for a place called Edison mall on T.V. and they all want to go there. So, Mr. Gold is going to give us all a talisman to enable us to cross the town line!"

"Yippee!" Pinnochio yelled as he jumped up and down for joy.

Gepetto, Pinnochio, Dr. Whale, and David walked back to the pawn shop. They saw Red, Granny, Regina, Rumple, Mary, Belle, Archie, Mother Superior the seven dwarves, and much to their surprise, Captain Hook standing in front of the shop waiting for Mr. Gold.

"All right, the talisman is ready!" Mr. Gold said as he emerged from the pawn shop, holding a bobble head car ornament. Emma and Henry followed behind him. While they were away from the shop, Emma had decided that it may be best for everyone if she go with them. They all got into a huge van and drove to the mall.
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I've left deviantart. I sell my photos and art live in fort myers now. I sell it live with other artists at a pop up gallery downtown on Art Walk and Music Walk nights.

So my advice to other artists is this: If you are one of the ones writing journals complaining about not getting views, go take an art class in your area if you are not currently working with other artists.  Try to do something to either sell your work or have people look at your stuff live and network with artists that live in your area. It is a FAR more rewarding experience than Deviantart. Deviantart is a virtual world and is.....NOTHING... like displaying your art live.

so.....goodbye Deviantart.


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